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Hi Guys,

Sorry as I have been so busy planning the wedding and trust me, it requires a lot of hard work but everything was worth it when you get to marry your one true love. Counting up to the solemnization day,the entire family was busy preparing the last minute touches. Everyone says that the bride needs to have enough sleep and rest for their big day but that sure was not the case for me. I will not sleep until the last person in the house goes to sleep because I felt guilty. My family were helping on whatever they can for the wedding and I really am grateful towards them.

The planning was hectic but it sure was a fun experience. I always kept thinking that if there are a few glitches here or there, at the end of the day, I will still be married to the man I truly love and that is the most important thing. We married on 1st January 2016 which is the new years and this is definitely a great start for us. Okay enough with my chit-chatting here. Check out my solemnization ceremony photographs below.

*All photo credits go to @creativeheartphotography


Hope you guys loved the photos! 😀



I know that this post should be done during the start of the year but I didn’t manage to because I was admitted in the hospital and then busy preparing for the big day. So to keep track of what I want to achieve for last year, here is the list to my 2015 life goals. Most of them are crossed out because I already achieve it. Yeay me. My goals this year are only a few but major ones indeed.

1. Keep the same full-time job for over a year    ✓

2. Get a salary raise   ✓

3. Get engaged    ✓

4. Plan my wedding  – ✓

5. Own a car   ✓

6. Active back in blogging ✓

7. Avoid negative people ✓

My plans/goals for 2016

  1. Get married and live happily ever after 😛 ✓
  2. Rent a place with le husband – in the process of house hunting
  3. Start interior design for rented house
  4. Start planning joint food truck business with le husband
  5. Completing my novel which was put on hold for quite some time
  6. Send novel manuscripts to publishing houses
  7. Get another salary raise hehe
  8. Learn new recipes
  9. Start my own fashion line
  10. Get a fit toned body – in the process

So wish me luck!


SKII is one of the popular beauty product which has been getting a lot of attention from Asians. I am a pessimist in skin care products because I often feel dissapointed with the products I tried in the past. I was always looking for a beauty product which brings a great result and sold at a reasonable price. I discovered SKII advertisements when I flip magazines and took some time to purchase in order try it myself. So finally, I bought it with an open mind and have been applying it everyday. One thing that I am grateful about is that I do not have a bad skin problem but my skin condition is dry and with blemishes. SKII definitely helps bring a positive solution to my skin even after one week application.

norelannie (19)

The discovery of SKII secret ingredients was found in 1970s when scientist realized how youthful are the hands of aged sake brewers in a small sake brewery. The unbelievable discovery had made the scientists in those days eager to come up with a beauty product which can solve the problems of our skin. They discover that the fermentation liquid process was the true reason behind smooth youthful hands of the sake brewers. Establishing itself throughout the years, the SKII brand offers a wide range of products consisting of facial essence treatment, cleanser, toners, moisturizers, eye care and facial masks. Your worries have now come to an end as with SKII, you can achieve crystal clear skin!


I have applied SKII for a few weeks now and have truly felt the difference. My skin is more moisturized and I feel fresh after every application.


norelannie (21)

The price maybe a bit pricey but it can last for a month depending on how frequent you apply it. Since the SKII facial treatment essence has a certain scent to it, I only apply it at night before I go to bed. First, wash your face with a facial cleanser such as from SKII or any regular cleanser you have at home. Dab your face with a towel and swipe those excess dirt away with SKII toner. You will absolutely realize how it cleanses out your pores in every swipe. Lastly, apply the SKII facial treatment essence throughout your face and let it dry. The SKII facial mask can be worn once a week when you want to unwind from a long stressful week.

My rate for SKII facial treatment essence set:

Moisturizing effect- ★★★★★
Effectiveness – ★★★★
Price- ★★★
Recommended- ★★★★★

Disclaimer: The review is done solely based on my personal experience and own opinions.


My photographer friend, Faiz aka Tapai is a very talented guy and he always welcome any ideas from clients. I decided to hire him for our Save-the-Date card/ Pre-wedding photography. I always email him guidelines of poses I would like for the shoot, prop ideas and discuss with him the locations. I told him that I like a Pinterest kinda editing and a natural background. We came to an agreement together with Mr. Fiance of course, on the venue and date of the pre-wedding photoshoot.

The location we choose was Sekinchan paddy field & Pulau Redang Bagan beach. I got ready on the way to the place in the car and it was very difficult when the car is bumping along the way. Remember my post last few months here that I said I will reveal my pre-wedding dress from CincaiBuy? Yup, here is the time I am going to reveal how the dress looks like. Imagine getting a bargain for a wedding dress which has good quality fabric and pretty at a great price from CincaiBuy! For those who want to find wedding dresses for their own wedding, you can always visit CincaiBuy as they provide a wide range of wedding dresses, accessories, shoes and even men suits to choose from. Trust me you will definitely love ’em!

Check out the shots from the my friend/photographer from IllusiJiwa Photography!

image1 (18)

image3 (5)

image4 (4)

image1 (1)

image1 (18) image4 (5) image2 image4 image5 (1) image5 image7 image6 image1 (19) image2 (8) image8 image9

The pictures are awesome right? I could not get enough and had a hard time to pick one to post on Instagram. Luckily I can share it with you guys here on my blog and also my TheKnot wedding website here . I will upload more of the pre-wedding photos this weekend once I get the full collection. So do check it time by time when you are free 😀 Tell me what you guys think? If you like the work of my friend, you can check out more of his work on Instagram and Illusi.jiwa Photography Facebook at or contact him at Faiz- .+60194519495 /


This post is basically to answer some of the questions that people often ask me. Sometimes I have to keep repeating the answer over and over again. So for my readers out there, these are few facts about me that probably some of you can relate to or are curious about.

1.What’s the meaning behind Norelannie?

Norelannie is my commercial name. It is the name I use for my social media platforms. I used to live in the States when I was young and a lot of people could not pronounce my name right. My real name is Nurul Aini. How the name Norelannie come about is Nurul stands for Norel and Aini stands for Annie. Therefore, it became Norelannie.

2. Are you Chinese?

I am from Malaysia which is known as a multi-racial country. I come from a mix marriage between Malay and Chinese. I look like a Chinese girl but my ethnicity is Malay. And I am effing proud of it.

3. How do you maintain a long term relationship with your boyfriend/fiance?

Trust me, it wasn’t easy. It takes a lot of work and effort from both parties to make a relationship last long. I am very lucky I found a man who can strive his best with me to keep the romance alive. Support, Communication, Respect, Trust and Effort are very important in any relationship. We always spice up the relationship to keep the romance alive every second of the day.

4.How do you keep your skin flawless?

Okay, I have to admit that I am someone who is lazy to take care of my skin. But I do make small efforts in making my skin maintain smooth and fresh. First, drink 8 glasses of water everyday. Second, wash your face every morning and night. Third, when you feel a pimple is about to emerge, I use Dalacin T solution on the affected area. You can get it from the pharmacy. Fourth, do not touch your face as your hands might have dirt and other microscopic substance on them. Lastly, eat fruits at least once a day, I do not eat veggies so I replace them with different types of fruits. I normally eat honeydew, papaya and mango.

5. How many men have you dated in the past?

I am a relationship person so I only date men who I feel they can commit. I only dated 2 men in the past for a long-term period and my boyfriend/fiance now is the third guy I have dated. I do not like wasting my time dating men who clearly cannot give me his full commitment. Because I will give my all for a guy who is serious to be with me. The two ex-boyfriend I have are still friend with me and we respect one another due to what we shared in the past. The relationship with them failed is because the first guy dumped me for rumours he heard and the second guy cheated five times on me. LOL. But I have forgiven them and they occasionally texts me to know how I have been.

6. How do you manage your financial?

I have to admit that being a writer and online editor doesn’t pay much. But I love my job! The way I manage my financial is to side off the amount which I have to pay every month which includes the car, fuel, toll, office parking fee, phone bill and internet bill. I also set aside about RM200 for grocery shopping as I avoid eating out to save money. Since I am planning a wedding now, most of the balance of my salary is spent on the wedding items. However, my advice is to always keep 1/3 of your salary as your savings every month.

7. Why do you have an American accent?

I always get asked this a lot because living in Malaysia, people hardly have any accent. Just plain English. I have an American accent because I used to study and live in America when I was a little girl. At that time, my father was a Diplomat of Malaysia who worked in Washington DC. My brother , mother and I lived in Virginia while my dad drives back and forth to Washington for his job. When I was in college, I often get bullied because some the Malay girls say that I fake my accent. It was really hurtful especially because they never actually got to know me. They simply assume I am a girl who is a nobody. I do not think I am a somebody at all but I do have my life stories which made me who I am today. I remember there was a point that I didn’t want to talk during class presentations and kept my mouth shut. But soon I realized, why would I care? I know I do not fake my accent and I should not let it affect my grades.

8. How do you live alone?

The advantage of living alone is that you have privacy. You can walk naked in your house and look as sloppy as you can. But living alone makes you be more independent and really take a stand of being an adult. You need to learn how to cook, clean and pay the bills. For all the ladies out there, never depend on a man too much and learn to have some independence in your own self. If you do have a man in your life, make him as your best friend forever and not just your partner in life.


I love travelling and haven’t been to places since like forever! I am sure a lot of people have their own travel bucket list and I have my own too. Some of the places I have been to are Florida USA, Paris, Ireland, London and Indonesia. However, lately I like a place with a good landscape with some hint of luxury. Why? Because I like to treat a vacation as a place to relax and feel pampered like a princess.  It cannot be denied that sometimes we just need a place to escape especially if you are getting tired of the hustle bustle of the city life. Here are a few places I wish I could visit one day.

  1. Boracay


2. Bora Bora


3. Greece


4. New Zealand


What are your favourite places to visit? Share them with me! 😀 Cheers!


I am sure some of you guys have checked my post on what’s in my makeup bag. Today, I will be sharing with you guys about the things I have in my handbag. Working as a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Online Magazine Editor & Writer, there are a few of my friends who love to ransack through my handbag when we meet up for coffee or dinner. Probably they are just curious and at the same time uses my lipstick as well. LOL.

Yes, everyone knows even the men that women will never be caught dead without carrying a handbag everywhere they go. You name it- we carry it to work, on a date, parties, weddings, formal events and even on our casual day out. For the ladies who have boyfriends, partners, fiances or husbands, do you experience the situation when your special someone also takes advantage of stuffing their stuff into your bags too? I’m sure have and I bet you do too! 😛

Different women have certain things that they will carry along. I have a few girlfriends which have everything in their handbag. Everytime you ask for something, it magically appears out of their handbag like Doreamon’s magic pocket. Meanwhile, I am the type of girl who prefers to bring only important stuffs that I will normally use. So yeah, let’s check out what I have in my handbag!

1. Car keys + House keys

2. iPhone 5

3. River Island Clutch Purse

4. Mac Lipstick & Lipice Lip balm

5. Laneige 2 in 1 Compact Powder

6. Business card

7. Vaseline lotion (mini travel size)

8. Braun Buffel Sunglasses

9. Starbucks organizer + pen

10. Business Card

11. Pink iPhone Charger Cable

12. CK Shock Perfume


I am one of those ladies who have been planning their wedding since a young age. My taste changes throughout the years including the design of my wedding cake. It cannot be denied that it is very overwhelming to pick the design of cake which suits your style. For a Malay wedding, we have two receptions which is one from the bride’s side and the other from the groom’s side. We do not interfere which each other’s wedding plans but always discuss and asks opinions. Because sometimes I need another eye to confirm if I dislike something and my fiance has always been there. He just somehow seems to have the same taste as I do.

My wedding cake for the reception at my side is a a very simple look. I think it suits me better because I prefer something nice and simple. I choose a two-tiered ombre pastel wedding cake with buttercream icing. Since the theme of my wedding is pretty pastels, my wedding cake also has to fit the whole theme. I selected a buttercream icing compared to the fondant icing because it has a more soft texture. Fondant icing are definitely nice to look at but it has more sweeter taste. The advantage of having fondant icing wedding cake is that the design is more sturdy and clean. It has a low tendency to be smudged but it is a little bit expensive.

However, I am satisfied with my choice as it suits my own personal outlook for the wedding. But one problem is I need to find a cake stand for my wedding cake and still do not know where to find the perfect one. Do you guys have any suggestions? Please do share yah.

I have asked the quotation for my wedding cake from a lady who is very talented in her baking skills. The instashop is @Chirpycake and she has a lot of amazing cakes that you can scroll through. I will place my order with her in November and pick the wedding cake in December. She charged an affordable amount of RM380 for the two-tiered ombre pastel wedding cake with buttercream icing. When the order is ready, you have to self pick up in Setiawangsa or Shah Alam. I will probably go to Shah Alam as I am familiar with the place as I used to study at a University there few years back.

Here is how my wedding cake will look like to give you guys an idea 🙂 A two tier cake as large as the second photo but with the ombre pastel design as the first photo.ombre cake

wedding cake two tier

If you are looking for to order your wedding cake, birthday cakes and other delectable desserts, you can check out Chirpy Cake instagram at . You guys can also contact the owner of this business Miss. Izni at +6012 2612825 (whatsapp/sms) or email her at

chirpy cake

Disclaimer: The review is done solely based on my personal experience and own opinions. Some images are credit to @Chirpycake


It cannot be denied that our eyes sparkle in the sight of beautiful jewelleries. Women use jewelleries to perk up their outfit or to bring a sense of style in their whole look. However, there are also times when we feel like we want something different. Something that no other women can ever get their hands on. If you are someone who is searching for unique yet exclusive jewellery just for you, Shapeways is the answer you are looking for.

Founded in the year 2007, Shapeways is led by a group of people who have spent a majority of their career path in startups and using the serious technical chops to inspire people. You are probably thinking what is the connection of Shapeways with the title of my post today right? Well, Shapeways offers the service of creating your own jewellery with the use of 3D printing. Not only jewelleries, women and also men can enjoy Shapeways service as their designers can help you create keychains, gadget accessories, gift ideas, miniatures, home deco items and more.

For the ladies who want to make your own special jewllery, you can order a customized version of a piece of jewellery you would like by using the easy tool of Shapeways CustomMaker. CustomMaker helps you to personalize your design according to your own style and preference. Whether you want a ring necklace, bracelet, earrings or statement pieces, Shapeways can truly make your idea into a reality. Check out the video below to clearly understand how a 3D printing actually works!

norelannie (18)

As you all know, that I am getting married in a few more months and the wedding planning process has been kind of overwhelming at times. As I was scrolling through Shapeways website, I found some of these amazing designs which will be great as wedding gifts. Here are my favourite picks:

 1. Fun Bow ties for groomsmen for wedding



This fun 3D bow tie definitely bits the classic fabric ones. Try recommending it to your partners to make the day a bit special by surprising the groomsmen with this funky bow tie from Shapeways. It can be clasped on as a replacement bow tie for the suit and still makes a man look dashingly handsome. Who says you need to wear the typical ones to a wedding? 😛

2. Cufflinks for the groom customized


For the bride-to-be’s, it can sometimes feel as if your partner or groom seems to be spending less time planning the wedding. No worries. You need to understand that they are trying really hard to find some cash to pay for the wedding to make you feel happy on your big day. So why not show your appreciation to your special husband-to-be with a nice pair of customized cufflinks from Shapeways. Create a design which represents your partner, something he adores or a special something you both share.

3. Love rings or bracelet for the bridesmaids as a gift



Bride to be’s never forgets their girlfriends even on their special day. It will be an honor when your close girls stand by you as your bridesmaids during the whole wedding planning process. Trust me, the process is overwhelming and sometimes you feel like it is too much to handle. If you have lovely bridesmaids by your side the entire period, customized a nice love friendship bracelet or love rings as gift. Maybe as their lucky charm to find love as you did. Or even better, design something which fits each and every one of your girlfriend’s interest or character.

Interested  to view more of the ready-to-made designs available? No worries as you can choose from the wide range of Shapeways designers work by visiting their website at . You can also subscribe to their Youtube channel  or blog to get more creative info. So wait no more and feast your ideas on the amazing 3D Print designs from Shapeways or even get inspired to create your own masterpiece!

*Disclaimer: Photo credit to Shapeways